Mac Photo Recovery: Get Lost Pictures With Ease

Are you unable to access photos from Mac system or have lost all pictures while transferring them from device to Mac system? Don’t get panic. Here you will find a perfect solution for photo loss and also some recommendations regarding this. It is a fact that Mac OS is very much secure and not easily attacked by virus. But on the other hand it also have an adverse side that it is also not free of logical errors. Many a times these errors also renders in loss of your valuable photos. Despite of having many advantage, photo loss problem is not an exception with this OS and there arises the need of Mac photo recovery.


Encountering the errors and reasons rendering in photo loss

  • Bad sector in Disk.
  • Virus infection.
  • Corruption in partition table.
  • Occurrence of some logical errors.
  • File node and catalog file corruption.
  • Accidental formatting of file system or media.
  • When memory card is accidentally formatted.
  • Corruption in storage device and digital media.
  • Improper removing of card from the device.
  • Some sort of intrusion during synchronization between Mac system and storage media.

Can we recover lost photos from Mac?

You can get your all photos back after any mis-happening. Actually digital devices do not delete the photos completely, it may only remove file entries due to which pictures seems missing. If you want to have your pictures back safely, then never try any indistinct way. For successful Mac photo recovery, either you can use manual method, can go to an expert or can use a third party software. But among the three which one is better to go ahead with?

Manual method is a complex process and is only meant for technically sound users. However, going to experts will cost you more as they charged on per data basis. So, it is always recommended to use such a tool which is efficient in achieving photo recovery from Mac without hassle. Photo recovery software is the best professional tool specifically intended to recover photos from Mac operating systems. This utility absolutely lies in your budget and is efficient in recovering deleted, lost, formatted pictures. One important thing is that no additional skill is needed to use this software and even recovers photos from digital camera.

Software features

Compatibility:- Supports all available versions of Mac operating systems which includes Public Beta: Kodiak and versions 10: Cheetah/Puma/Jaguar/ Panther/ Tiger/Leopard etc.

Supports larger-capacity drives and storage devices:- This software let you to recover photos from hard drives having capacity upto 2 TB. Moreover, it supports all storage device such as memory cards, digital cameras, USB devices, etc.

Supports Mac media and photo formats:- All multimedia files such as audio, video and recordings is supported by this tool and recovers photos format including jpeg, png, jpg, gif, bmp, etc. Also supports SD card photo recovery.

Option of customize recovery and adding file header:- This tool gives you the option of customize recovery as per your needs. You can also add a new file type in the software by setting desired preferences.

User friendly and generates file preview:- The software has an interactive interface thus is simple to use. Further it enables you to see the photos during drive scanning and preview process as well.

This software uses three mechanism i.e Start, Scan and Recovery for recovering lost pictures. Thus for Mac photo recovery, this very software is the best one which in just few steps recovers all lost photos. So, immediately opt for this tool and have your all precious photos which gets lost.


  • Always keep a valid backup of your valuable photos which you can retrieve anytime in case of miss-happening.

  • Stop using device right now from the instance you have lost photos.

  • Avoid mishandling of Mac devices and storage media.


User Guide Mac

Step 1:- Attach storage device to the computer where you need to recover lost photos. Now start scanning process by selecting “START SCAN” button.

Step 2:- List of all connected storage media is displayed from which select a drive to recover photos. For customize recovery, select advance scan method.

Step 3:- Before starting recovery process, you can also preview recoverable photos. File type list is also displayed where you can select desired type.

Step 4:- Can select individual as well as all files for recovery. After that start the scanning process which is indicated by progress bar.

Step 5:- After scanning gets over, it will list recoverable files which you can easily preview.

Step 6:- Now, select the desired location for saving the file as per your needs. This will save your all files at specified location.

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