How to Recover Deleted or Corrupted DNG Image file

If you are a photographer then you must be familiar with DNG image format. What if the DNG file get lost or corrupted, these files may contain some of your memorable moments that you don’t want to lose. DNG commonly known as digital negative is an image file format that is used to save the captured image in cameras. Most of the digital camera use DNG format because gives better picture quality as compared to other formats. It is a raw photo and is not been processed by any software. It has the full resolution of the camera sensor therefore it has large file size, that is why it is also prone to corruption. You must be now searching for the answer for how to recover deleted or corrupted DNG image file.

What are reasons of Losing DNG file

The most common reason losing DNG file is accidentally deleting the file from the camera. The file can get corrupted if there is any interruption while capturing the photo like camera error, low battery etc. If the memory card has been corrupted, you have formatted it or it is infected by virus. The file can also get lost at the time of transferring. As you know the DNG files are need to be converted to other format so if there is any error during conversion then the image will get corrupted.

If you have backup of the images lost that is saved in any other storage media then you can recover them instantly. But in the absence of backup you can use photo recovery software that supports recovery of the dng file. Scan the storage drive with the software and it will give the list of dng files in the preview. Select the pictures of your choice and the software will repair the corruption and restore it at the provided location. You can then access the image and perform the desired operation. Just download the software and recover DNG file.

Photo Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Install photo recovery software and launch it.

Step 2 : Select the storage media from the drive list from scanning.

Step 3 : Select the dng file format for scanning and recovering.

Step 4 : Select the required files from the preview

Step 5 : Provide the location for restoration and restore the file.

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